§ 40.11. Collection of unpaid fees  

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  • It is the intent of the city council, by the adoption of this section, to impose and collect the costs associated with the inspections and reinspections conducted by the city, under this chapter, to maintain the health and safety of the users of city's built environment. If the charges for these services are not paid by the owner of the property in a timely fashion, the city shall collect such costs by assessment against the real property receiving these inspection and reinspection services, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes § 429.101, and chapter 14 of the Saint Paul City Charter.

    (1) Written notice.

    a. Written notice of violations. When the fire code official conducts an initial inspection of a building and determines that violations of safety codes exist, the fire code official shall, in addition to any other action the fire marshal fire code official may undertake, serve written notice of the violation in conformance with the requirements set forth in this chapter.

    b. Notice for collection of inspection and reinspection costs shall include the following information:

    1. Fee for the fire certificate of occupancy inspection and associated reinspections are the responsibility of the owner and shall be paid within the time period(s) identified in the notice; and

    2. The fire code official may require an inspection following a complaint or referral. If the fire code official finds a violation of safety codes during a referral or complaint-related inspection, the fire code official will issue correction orders. If the violation is not corrected by the compliance date provided in the notice of violation, the building owner (s) shall be assessed fees for any necessary reinspections.

    (2) Fee and liability. The city shall be entitled to collect its costs of fire certificate of occupancy inspections and reinspection. The fees associated with the fire certificate of occupancy program shall be a debt owed to the city and unpaid costs shall be collected by special assessment under the authority in Minnesota Statutes § 429.101 and the charter by the procedure outlined in Chapter 60 of the Saint Paul Administrative Code. Action under this section does not preclude any other civil or criminal enforcement procedure.

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