§ 44.02. Lots

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  • (a) Treatment required. All walls except party walls and walls retaining adjacent property where grades vary including foundations and interior basement walls located on the lot involved in razing operations shall be reduced to a level of a minimum of one foot below that of the final grade. Excavations, holes and depressions shall be filled with a compacted clean fill and leveled to provide a final grade which will effect good drainage, and such lots shall be planted in an appropriate ground cover or perennial vegetation so as to prevent erosion or flow of sediment onto the streets and sidewalks. The finished surface of the lot shall be free of holes or depressions which could accumulate water or be hazardous to pedestrians. No materials other than those specified by the city building official may be used in filling depressions, planting and grading the site. All excess earth, brick, lumber and other building materials, as well as debris, shall be removed from the site and the premises shall be left in a safe, clear and sanitary condition. Any curbs or other projections above paving on the premises shall be removed and any paving left in place shall have the surrounding surfaces so finished as to avoid impounding surface water on the premises. All vaults projecting into public space, including walls, shall be removed in their entirety and the depressions filled, in accordance with the requirements stated above, unless otherwise permitted by the department of public works to be used or treated. Such work as required by this section shall be done as a continuation of the razing process and completed within thirty (30) days from the date razing is completed with the exceptions set forth in paragraph (b) of this section.

    (b) Deferred treatment; conditions, exceptions. The provisions contained in paragraph (a) for treatment of the site after removal of the existing building may be deferred for the following period and with the following conditions with the approval of the city building official:

    (1) Planting of appropriate ground cover or perennial vegetation—Until season permits.

    (2) Filling of depressions—Until frost conditions permit, provided subparagraphs (4)a and (4)b of this paragraph are complied with.

    (3) Materials other than those ordinarily specified by the division of housing and building code enforcement for filling may be used when specification for such fill is approved by the city building official and the filling operation is inspected for its entire duration by an independent inspection agency.

    (4) Filling of depressions may be deferred for a period of two (2) years in nonresidential areas if a new building is to be constructed upon the site, provided:

    a. The site is completely barricaded and maintained in such condition as to exclude the public with a solid plywood fence or equal six (6) feet high and designed to accepted engineering standards.

    b. The site is maintained free of weeds, standing water, trash or other conditions which might contribute to or cause a nuisance.

    Failure to comply with the foregoing conditions will nullify the two-year deferment.

(Code 1956, § 58.02)